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Phoenix Wrong 42...2! Phoenix Wrong 42...2!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Much better than most

I love that Austin Powers scene -- that is such a great moment both on this video and in the Austin Powers movie, lol. I especially like how you inserted your own original scenes, such as the Leeroy Jenkins one. It helps make your video stand out from the others. I tried to do original scenes a lot in my own Phoenix Wrong videos for this very reason because a lot of authors take the easy way out and do ONLY talking court-room segments, which nowadays isn't acceptable in my opinion.

I think the music scenes with Gallactica and Matt could have been tossed out. They weren't really funny and they mostly just dragged on. Other than that it was very good. Thanks for making it =).

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SM42 responds:

Thanks for the good review, yes I thought that the Leeroy Jenkins scene was pretty original, I tried to do it that way. I had some doubts when glitches kept popping up, but I'm glad I kept it in because it's really become the fan-favorite.

And I know the music scenes are a bit long, but I thought they were funny.

PW- Wright to Justice PW- Wright to Justice

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

FINALLY something more original

FINALLY something a bit more original for a change from a Phoenix Wrong vid! I always say a good Phoenix Wrong needs to have something original to make it help stand out and you did that with the "Mushroom mushroom" scene and the "ball throw w/ Sparta." That's always what I tried to do with a lot of my own Phoenix Wrong scenes because everybody else always makes the mistake of passing off a bunch of courtroom segments for EVERY scene, inserting audio files, and calling it a day.

I did notice some scenes with the sprites slightly jerking, which definitely could have been improved on, but I'll forgive it =D. There were also one or two times when the sound was a bit glitchy, mostly Mia's Scrub scene. Judging by the Flash's file size (1.4mb) it was probably because you set the quality too low when you exported it. I also think the length of the whole video could have been slightly longer, but that's a nit picky complaint. Overall very awesome job. Hope to see another one from you in the future =).

sonikku88 responds:

Thanks for the comment. =D I admit I could have improved things in the flash, but I guess I was too lazy to do anything about it =P. Plus everyone seems the enjoy it as it is.

The jerking sprites were a mistake I made when cropping the sprites from their sprite sheets using Paint Shop Pro. I accidently cropped a pixel or two off the sprites so the animation look kinda jerky, which is weird cuz it played prefectly when I tested the movie in the Flash program. The sound was another mistake I made when I was altering the audio files in Audacity. I made parts of the audio too loud and it sounds crackily due to the fact, as you stated, I made the sound quality quite low when I exported the flash. About the length, as I've said in a previous review response, I didn't have that many ideas. =P Anyways, thanks again for the comment. =D

Hooked On Phoenix Hooked On Phoenix

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

MUCH better than most

I thought this Phoenix Wrong video was MUCH better than most. In my opinion, I think a good Phoenix Wrong should be ambitious over anything. It takes originality and creativity to make a Phoenix Wrong video stand out from the rest plaguing the Internet and I'm pleased to see you were going in that direction =).

What I loved were your sources -- the college student getting shocked, FPS Doug, and Kung Pow, to name a few. I wished I had thought of these for my Phoenix Wrong vids, lol.

If I had to be picky, some parts had bad sound quality. I also didn't appreciate that bit at the end showing all the spoilers, even if it was fast and not necessary to view =D. Producers have been obsessed with using PW3 sprites in new videos lately. It's alright to use them, but I'd put a warning saying "non-spoiler sprites" somewhere, or something to reassure viewers. Avoid using PW3 sprites unless you REALLY need them, which in some scenes, you could have avoided.

Overall an EXCELLENT video. Hope to see another one from you =).

Phoenix Wrong: Scrubs Phoenix Wrong: Scrubs

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Excellent first attempt

On the record, I watched your second one before this and I think I enjoyed this first one much better =). This is even more awesome considering this is your first video =). I left a review for your second video, but to expand on those points for this first one, I liked how you took it slower, expanded on the jokes, and threw in conversations this time rather than tons of one-liners like in the second. I think it was much more funnier as a result =).

Despite this video being your first, I think there was less jerking in it than in the second. I did notice a background for Gumshoe was missing, which obviously is a problem, lol. Otherwise, an excellent first attempt that, ironically, is better than your second, in my opinion =D. Excellent job.

Phoenix Wrong: Scrubs X Phoenix Wrong: Scrubs X

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A good attempt

I thought it was alright. The sound quality was good and you did a good job matching the characters to the voices. I did notice the sprites jerking quite a bit. I would have liked to have seen a scene or two expanded upon, since they all seemed too fast, lol. There is SO much material that makes Scrubs funny, but it needs to be expanded on to make most of it work since the hilarity of Scrubs stems from its conversational exchanges and not one-liners. Unfortunately, I could tell you tried going for one-liners instead to make it quick, so I don't think it was as funny as it could have been.

Regardless, I still enjoyed it =). I was thinking about doing another Phoenix Wrong dedicated purely to Scrubs, kind of like what you did. Anyways, thanks for the Scrubs love =).

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Kalcaman responds:

I definatly agree, but the hard thing about using the conversations is that to get most of them you need to see or they reflect on something earlier on in the episode, or even in a different episode, and though they might be funny, they would have the exact punchline as it would in the show.

Phoenix Wrong: Epic Turn Phoenix Wrong: Epic Turn

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good subject matter, but w/ background concerns

I liked the variety of different sources and I liked how you matched voices to appropriate characters =). The sprites didn't move around too much and I could tell attention to detail was given.

I have only two complaints. One was the backgrounds -- I think you used too many, lol. Plus, many of the backgrounds were new to me because they were from PW3 & PW4, which many fans haven't played yet, so I had this feeling like I was getting lost somehow (weird, I know, lol). As for the courtroom, you should have stuck with PW1/PW2 courtroom backgrounds -- the PW4 backgrounds are too high quality, so it looks odd in conjunction with the PW1/PW2 detailed sprites. Second, I was REALLY scared I was going to be spoiled because you were cutting it dangerously close with all the PW3 and PW4 stuff, lol. Thankfully I wasn't, but I was still cringing in fear while watching it afraid a spoiler was coming =D.

Other than that, your subject matter was excellent. An awesome video. My favorite scene was the Hitler one =D. I created my own Phoenix Wrong's (ie. Neo for All I & II), so I know how hard it is, so kudos on the fine work =).

IZSBHR responds:


The Manny/Kazakh skit didn't really fit, but other than that, yeah, I did a good job with it.

And Phoenix Wright III and IV are the most interesting of all the games. Not gonna spoil much, but Phoenix is in for it big time :P

And I already had the PW IV court room in flash, so I used it.

I did spoil some stuff with it, but not too much, and they don't even look like spoilers, either. They ARE, according to Court Records :P Payne with hair- give me a break, that's not a spoiler!

I absolutely LOVED the scene where the prosecutors HEIL Gant. My favorite is probably the one where Phoenix tries to tell Maya she's sexy :)

Phoenix Wrong: Green Wing Phoenix Wrong: Green Wing

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice pacing

I've never watched Green Wing and since it's a UK sitcom, I doubt many others have either, so it's hard for people to pick up on the jokes; HOWEVER, I still laughed quite a bit because all of it was so wacky and random, like Godot and the judge babbling random nonsense =D. Because of this, I don't think a person needs to watch Green Wing to enjoy it, although it wouldn't hurt.

The sound quality seemed kinda bad, but that might be because they were talking too fast with the slight UK accent.

I loved the fast pacing and the audio syncing. I had trouble getting my PW videos to move fast, so I always took my videos slow, so kudos to you on accomplishing the pacing =). An awesome Phoenix Wrong video.